Google demean Google I / O Developer incorporation every year. Today is a developer incorporation in which Google can make large declaration. The world’s eye is also on Google I / O 2018 because today Android P will also be known.

Clear cut from Android P, today some production can also be presented. Pursuance to the reports, the company could give endorsement for different platform, Wear OS and Google Assistant in Android TV. Apart from this, Google Home, Google Play and Google Search can be broadcast.

Google I / O 2018 will stay on these things in our eyes

Android P

The prime focus of this occasion can be the same. Can be told about the characteristics of Android P. The first developer memento of this OS has already been liberated. It would be enthralling to see if the company justification NOCH like iPhone X this time. Because Nokia is now also being presented in other Android smartphones, so it’s a good expectation. Today its second developer preview can be broadcast.

Google Home and Google Accessory

Google Accessory can be told more about what has been further affected. New features in Google Accessory can also be required. Different from this, some features can also be added to Google Home. Although the hardware is not required to come because it will have to wait for the Google pixel occasion.

Wear OS

Google has lately changed the name and logo of its OS OS, so it is required that big plans respective to this platform will be made. It is Google’s amenableness to improve battery life and to make interface better, and perhaps this time it can be publicize bigger.

Google Photos, Google Play, Google Lens and Google News

Different from adding new features to these three productions from Google, it is possible to make some publicize. There can be things on how artificial headpiece is made or made to them. The Google lens company’s image recognizance software can also see some changes.

Artifical headpiece

Artificial headpiece will answer many questions. Google uses Artificial headpiece in many of its production and services, and during this occasion, it can also be lettered.

Different from all this, hopefully, due to the Facebook data leak this time the company will also talk about its data policy.